We Can’t Make You Younger is a collection of short stories written by Benoît Loiseau and illustrated by Manuel Solano. It was published by Karen Huber Gallery to coincide with Solano’s solo show, Desafiando a la Autoridad.

Although each story presents an independent narrative, they have been conceived as a series which explores overlapping themes of loss, sexuality and alternative spirituality – reflecting some of the artist’s and writer’s shared preoccupations.

A yoga instructor, an anti-drag queen, Michael Stipe and two wannabe Hawaiian priestesses are amongst the eccentric protagonists, engaging into an often absurd intergenerational dialogue, in search for meaning and coping mechanisms.

The original illustrations will be on display in the Project Room, while the stories are available to visitors in a zine-format, limited edition of 500 designed by Emilio Pérez.

In the publication’s foreword, American curator and writer Chris Sharp said:
“Blessedly devoid of the righteous, chest-beating evangelism to which some art is given, it is unlikely that Loiseau’s stories or Solano’s paintings are going to save you. But I am confident that they will both lighten and deepen the general ordeal and magic of living, if you let them.”